Cork City


Tory Top Library: Blossoming at the heart of the community

Set in what was, until half a century ago, Cork's market garden district, Tory Top Library, though a state of the art building, nestles very comfortably in the natural world. Across the road from a much-loved public park, and enclosed in its own garden, the library building reflects this celebration of wood and natural materials both inside and out. The courtyard garden space is surrounded by the wonderfully light and bright silver of cedarwood walls. Inside, the building is full of light and airiness that provides an open, natural space for everyone to work, study, research and relax in.The library caters particularly well for people with disabilities and special needs. The doors open by pushing a nudge button for ease of access. For the visually impaired there is a guiding white line which leads to the assistive technologies including JAWS and Scannar equipment. Groups and individuals come to the library daily from schools and organisations, from book clubs to discussion groups to those with special needs. The geothermal system isn't the only source of energy at Tory Top.
The community room is now at the heart of the library and is used by many groups, both library-based and community-based. This has proved to be a huge asset to the community and to the library service. Pupils from the primary schools visit the library regularly to borrow books and to attend the numerous events which are organised for children during any given year. The beautiful garden space adds another peaceful dimension to this new state of the art library. In the summer many activities take place out in the open. Tory Top Library is there for all stages of life, from childhood to becoming a teenager, from adulthood to old age. And it is where children dream their dreams and adults escape from their realities. It will always blossom at the heart of this community.