Cork City


Cork City Libraries Housebound Services

The following is a 115-word transcription of an extract of interview with Cork City Librarian Liam Ronayne. As well as video of face-on interview, part of the interview was used as voice-over for images of the Housebound services of Cork City Libraries. Total video time: 48 seconds.

We knew in the Library service from anecdotal evidence that there were people who could not make it to their local library due to mobility problems. So, to respond to that, a staff member, Sinéad Feely, started a service using her own car. We then sought funding, under the National Disability Strategy, for a small delivery van. We got the money. The van and driver came in March 2007. And since that time we’ve gone from six clients to between 70 and 75. The benefits to the people involved is a quality-of-life improvement: being able to access the resources of the public library, which they couldn’t do when they were stuck in their own homes.