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Tory Top Library:Recommended Reading

Hello Tilly by Polly Dunbar
Tilly is a little girl who lives with her five animal friends in a little yellow house. Tilly sits reading her yellow book. First Tiptoe invites her to play music, then Hector the pig joins them in a dance. Doodle the crocodile calls them to a feast, which is interrupted by Pru the hen. Tumpty the elephant takes them all for a ride. Afterwards Tilly reads them all a story.
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Judy Moody Goes to College by Megan McDonald
Judy Moody is in a bad mood & definitely not in mood for maths. The substitute teacher thinks Judy’s maths skills need improving . So Judy has to get private tutoring. Does this mean school on Saturday? But when Judy meets her tutor, a college student with a funky sense of style, Judy changes her mind. She suddenly becomes very enthusiastic about learning maths.
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Wilderness by Roddy Doyle
While Tom and Johnny are on a husky safari in Finland , their half-sister Grainne stays at home getting ready to face the mother who abandoned her. The boys are really caught up in their adventure of being in the wilderness, however they get a fright when their mother’s sled doesn’t make it back to the lodge one night. It is solely up to them to find her.
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