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Worth Reading: Fiction for Kids



Judy Moody goes to college by Megan McDonald
Judy Moody is in a bad mood & definitely not in mood for maths. The substitute teacher thinks Judy’s maths skills need improving . So Judy has to get private tutoring. Does this mean school on Saturday? But when Judy meets her tutor, a college student with a funky sense of style, Judy changes her mind. She suddenly becomes very enthusiastic about learning maths.


The lost barkscrolls by Chris Riddell & Paul Stewart
These exciting stories are ideal for those new to the Edge or as an addition to the collection of any follower. They feature tales from each of the Edge trilogies: one from the time of Twig, one from the time of Twig's father, and one from the time of Twig's grandson. Meet well-known characters from the Edgeworld and get a glance at the last Edge novel ever


Queste by Angie Sage

Septimus faces a dangerous quest to find Nicko and Snorri, who have been trapped back in time. Everyone at the Castle realises that Nicko and Snorri's chances of coming back are slim. Septimus, helped by Alchemist Marcellus Pye, learns of a place where all time meets: the House of Foryx. But how does he get there? With the aid of the Questing Stone and Nicko's faded maps, will Septimus be able to save Nicko and Snorri?


This morning I met a whale by Michael Morpurgo

At sunrise, young Michael sees a whale on the shores of the Thames and thinks it must  be a dream. But the whale is real and it has a message for him – one that only an open-minded child can deliver to the rest of the world. The whale warns that the earth’s days are coming to an end and that humans must correct the damage they are doing, but how can Michael fulfill his promise to tell others when neither his teacher nor his classmates will believe his story? Within hours, the city and the rest of the world have learned of London’s unusual visitor. All eyes are on the whale’s struggle against the receding tide. Michael must now join forces with his new friend in a race against time to reach the ocean, and hold fast to his promise in the race to save the world itself.


The evil hairdo by Oisín McGann
Deep in the cellars of the O'Brien Press is a safe that contained stories too horrible to be read. Someone has broken into that safe and the stories have been released. This is one of those Forbidden Files. Ten year old Melanie wants her hair to be like her favourite girl band Witchcraft. She gets her WitchCraft hairdo in a mysterious hair salon that appears out of nowhere. Although delighted with it, she soon discovers that her hair is evil and has a mind of its own. From chopping up all her Mum's clothes to summoning a plague of rats, Melanie's hair tries to destroy her whole life.




The diary of a wimpy kid