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This wheelchair-friendly library includes push-button door openers and a circulation desk designed for ease of access by wheelchair users. 

Aids for the Mobility Impaired

Transit Wheelchair
If you have difficulty getting around the library, we invite you, with the aid of a companion, to use the transit wheelchair provided. In doing so the user is deemed responsible for its proper usage. Please contact a member of staff for access.
Telephone: 4924946.

Technology Aids for visually impaired

Scanning to voice:  We provide ScannaR (scan-and-read) flatbed scanners for real-time scanning and reading in Tory Top Library, in the Central Library, and in Mayfield Library.  These scanners read aloud whatever text is scanned — from letters, brochures, newspapers, books, etc. 
Computer screen text to voice:  For people with visual impairment, we have one computer with JAWS software installed. This allows text from Internet, word processed documents, and other computer-screen images to be read via a voice synthesizer.

At present we have one of these computers in the Grand Parade and Bishopstown Libraries.

This technology is also useful for people with learning difficulties.

Assistance for the hard of hearing 

Tory Top Library is fitted with a cable loop system capable of transmitting sound from selected sources directly to hearing aids, when at their telecoil ‘T’ setting.  Any amplified source, e.g., public address system, television, etc. connected to the library’s loop amplifier can be listened to through the loop system, without the usual ambient sounds, such as nearby conversations or noise.

 Housebound service

Tory Top Library offers a housebound service to people in the community who cannot access the library. Items for borrowing include books, DVDs, video tapes and audio-books on CD or on cassette. This service is free of charge. The van, manned by library staff, calls to individual homes on a regular basis. Customers may select items from the shelves in the van or can have items delivered to them in their houses. The van is wheelchair accessible. If you wish to avail of this service please contact Marie O'Callaghan on 4924934.

Application forms : Passport, Driving Licences, Driver Theory Test & Motor Tax Renewal.

Applications for all of the above are available. Please ask at the desk for the relevant form that you need.