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Nicola Murphy

nmurphyI like to read curled up either on my bed or the armchair.  I like to use the library because it allows me to indulge inmy passion for reading. I also like to use the library because thestaff are very friendly and nice always willing to help. I read so many different types of books, it really depends on my humour at the time. I have read everything from romance to science books. I have even been known to visit the children's library, where I can re-read some of my childhood favourites. I have also enjoyed several recommendations from the staff which have turned out to be hidden gems.
The Year of the Constant Reader has been one of entertainment and enjoyment. Unfortunately due to work I could only attend a few of the events, but those that I did attend were wonderful. It is a  testament to those who were in charge of producing these events. I would recommend everyone to join the library as there is a wealth of enjoyment to be had.

Recommended Reading:
Hole in One by Catherine Aird
Pride and  Prejudice by Catherine Bedris
A Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill
Any of Terry Practchett novels
The 87th Precinct series by Ed McBain
Georgette Heyer novels
Romance novels invluding those by Betty Neels, Elosia James or Julie Quinn 

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for September

Kathleen Madigan

kmadiganKathleen Madigan is a lady with a great sense of humour  and enjoys chatting to library staff  who deliver books to her on a regular basis. Kathleen worked for many years in Mel Industries in South Terrace, where she was responsible for the manufacture of fine gloves.
Her hobbies include knitting, dressmaking and of course reading.
A great fan of the City Libraries Housebound Service, Kathleen looks forward to her regular supply of mystery, adventure and detective novels .

Recommended Reading
Lee Child, Andy McNab &  Stig Larsson
Books: The  Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stig  Larsson

Kay Buckley

kbuckelyThe progression from the ‘book van’ parked outside the 1930s National Schools to the multi-branched City/County Libraries, must be the fulfilment of the Carnegie library aspiration. As a ‘after tax’ mature, fee paying student of the ‘60s without either study leave or access to school libraries, for K. B. the open-late Grand Parade HQ was a lifeline to student survival and continuing library engagement.
Through the extension of library facilities by means of internet technology, inter-library lending; display, study
and interest group spaces – libraries are migrating to being active community centres.
K. B


Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for September

Pat Gillen

pgillenBorn in Galway City in 1925, Pat Gillen now lives in Ardmanning Avenue by the Lough. A quiet and gentle man it’s hard to imagine that in his younger days Pat was a commando in World War II, wearing the green beret of 6 Commando with pride. He saw service in the Middle East and is a veteran of D Day having been part of Allied Forces who landed on Sword Beach in Normandy. On return to Ireland , he joined the Artillery Regiment (F.C.A.) attaining rank of Battery Commander. His Official Rank was Commandant and he retired from this in 1982.

Shortly after the war, in 1947, Pat started work in the Ford Motor Company  Cork where he worked as a press officer until his retirement in 1984. Now a widower with no less than a dozen grandchildren, Pat Gillen’s memories of World War 11 are very much in demand and he has recently presented his medals to the War Museum in Dublin.

Recommended Reading:
Pat is a personal friend of the author Alan Mallinson and highly recommends all of his books as well as books by James Lee Burke.
He also enjoys reading the works of Brendan Behan and finished Ulysses by James Joyce on his second attempt.

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for September

Patrick Reidy

Paddy Reidy is an accountant with a lifelong interest in writing and is the chairperson of the Bishopstown Writers Group since its inception. Over the  years his work has been published in the Cork Hollybough and in the Bealtaine Book 2005.
A man with a great imagination, Paddy likes to write short stories as well as poetry, and from time to time he enjoys re-reading long narrative poems such as the Ancient Mariner and Inchcape Rock.
When not reading or writing, Paddy likes to listen to classical music, go swimming, play tennis or work in the garden.

Recommended Reading:
Red Leaves by Thoms H. Cook
Schooled by Anisha Lakhani
A Married Man by Piers Paul Read
Alive by Piers Paul Read
Gone Tommorrow by Lee Child



Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for August

Christina Doyle

Christina Doyle from from Waterfall is an accomplished artist who also enjoys gardening and creative writing. A constant reader from an early age, Christina is now the President of the Bishopstown Book Club, popularly known as the Lucky Dip Club. Her knowledge of books as well as her sense of humour ensures a lively monthly meeting. She enjoys reading books dealing with relationships, marriage and the  wider human condition.

Recommended Reading
My Antonio  by Willa Cather
The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
Home by Marilyn Robinson
Gilead by Marilyn Robinson
December Bride by Sam Hanna Bell
Embers by Sandor Márai

Reader Profile BT August

Léitheoir leanúnaigh do mhí Mheithimh, Leabharlann Bhaile an Easpaig

Mícheál Ó Brádaigh

Is as Contae Phort Láirge Micheál de dhúchas ach tá cónaí air i gCorcaigh leis na blianta.  Is fear leighis é Mícheál agus bhíodh sé ina h-ollamh mánliachta in Ospidéal na h-Ollscoile.  D’éirigh sé as an post sin timpeall deich bhliain ó shin. Tá an-dúil ag Mícheál sa léitheoireacht agus baineann sé an-taitneamh as leabhair de chuid na scríbhneóirí Gaeltachta. Ó h-am go h-am léann se úrscéalta bleachtaireachta freisin.

Moltaí Léitheoireachta
Cín Lae Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabháin Eibhlín Ní Shúilleabháin
Abair Leat Joe Daly

BT Reader for June

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for May

John Connolly

John Connolly is a native of Cork and living in Glasheen since 1967. Having retired after 32 years service in U.C.C., John still likes to spend time amid the bookshelves, reading the papers, chatting to the locals and of course catching up on the latest books. When not reading, John can be found on the Muskerry Golf course, though his first love is hurling and in his younger days he was on the first senior team of Na Piarsaigh.

Recommends Reading
The Barracks by John McGahern
The Voyage of the Catalpa by Peter Stephens
Fat God, Thin God by James Kennedy
Star of the Sea by Joseph O Connor
Currently reading: God’s Secret Agent by Alice Hogge

BT Constant Reader for May

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for April

Rose Twomey

As a child, Rose Twomey, from Bishopstown, remembers her mother reading to her and this started a life long love affair with books. As a regular visitor to the Library and a member of the Bishopstown Book Club, Rose likes reading books that give some insight into the historical and political events of the day. She also likes reading thrillers and spy stories and says that The Book Thief by  Markus Zusak is “the most wonderful book I’ve ever read”

Recommends Reading
Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier
Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Hamid Mohsin
Suite Francaise by Irene Nemerovsky
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Rose Twomey Reader Profile

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for March

Alan Brady

Alan Brady is from Douglas and since his retirement has plenty of time to read all his favourite books and visit most of the City Library branches. He enjoys reading all types of books and finds that the great joy in reading isfinding a new author or topic to pursue.

Recommends Reading
An Only Child by Frank O’Connor
The Shoes of the Fisherman by Morris West
The Green Flag (3 vols) by Robert Kee
The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes

Reader Profile - BT March

Nora O'Donovan

'Finding time for reading is one of the greatest pleasures of life... Finding a book that is both a pleasure to read but also stimulating is one of the minor challenges to my life, as the artfully constructed lists of reading in the featured pages of newspapers often seem to me to be far removed from the reality of shoosing a pleasurable read.
My choice of reading can often be a random choice like something on display in the library that catches my eye or now and then it could be a themed approach as I did last Summer with the embracing of old age as a major theme by various authors.'
Read Nora's The Pleasures of Reading in full.

nora o'donovan - reader profile 

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for February

Bernice Glavin

Bernice is a nurse and a marathon runner, a veteran of over 50 such events! From Wilton, she still finds time to read 3 or 4 books at a time!

Currently reading
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The woman who walked into Doors  by Roddy Doyle
My Story by Sonia O’Sullivan

Bishopstown Library Constant Reader for February 

Bernice has been a library member since childhood, and has written her own book The Journey, launched in this Library in 2007.  She penned a poem to mark the First Birthday Celebrations of Bishopstown Library  and it hangs proudly by the Main Desk … read it and smile.

She highly recommends Saving Grace by Jodie Picoult and reading children’s books to help fuel the imagination!

She hates to see books damaged or pages turned down as markers and has lovingly kept her  own collection of children’s books covered in plastic.