Cork City

Services and Programmes

Patrick Maume

Life that is Exile
DP Moran
The Long Gestation

Ruth Fleischmann

Catholic Nationalism in the Irish Revival
Joan Denise Moriarty
Aloys Fleischmann
Cork International Choral Festival 1954-2004

Dermot Keogh

Central America
The Rise of the Irish Working Class
The Vatican, the Bishops and Irish Politics
Education in Ireland
Northern Ireland and the Politics of Reconciliation
Twentieth-Century Ireland: Nation and State
Ireland and Europe 1919-1989
Ireland and the Vatican
Ireland and the Challenge of European Integration
Michael Collins: and the making of the Irish State
Jews in the Twentieth-Century Ireland
Twentieth Century Ireland: Revolution and State Building
1916: The Long Revolution
The Making of the Irish Constitution, 1937
Jack Lynch: a biography

Tim Horgan

Cumann Iomanuiochta agus peile na Brian Diolunaig
Cork’s Hurling Story
Farna’s Hurling Story
Christy Ring

Michael Holroyd

The Genius of Shaw (edited by Michael Holroyd)
Bernard Shaw Vol. 1: The Search for Love
Bernard Shaw Vol. 2: 1898-1918 The Pursuit of Power
Bernard Shaw Vol. 3: The Lure of Fantasy
Bernard Shaw Vol. 4: The Last Laugh
Lytton Strachey
The Art of Augustus John
Bernard Shaw: the one-volume definitive edition
Basil Street Blues
Works on Paper
A Strange Eventful History

Colin Rynne

The Archaeology of Cork City and Harbour
The Royal Irish Academy Industrial Archaeological Survey of Cork
The Industrial Archaeology of Cork City and its Environ
At the Sign of the Crow
Technological Change in Anglo-Norman Munster
The Heritage of Ireland
Forgotten Cork
Industrial Ireland 1750-1930

Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh

Celtic Meltdown

Gemma Maudsley

The Paupers’ Graveyard

Martina Reilly

All I Want is you
The summer of Secrets
Something Borrowed
Second Chances
The Wish List
Wish Upon a Star
The Onion Girl
Wedded Blitz
Is this Love

Fiachra Sheridan

The Runners

Christy Kenneally

Maura’s Boy
The New Curate
Life after Loss
Second Son
The Remnant
Tears of God

John MacKenna

The River Field
The Space between Us
The Last Fine Summer
A Year of Our Lives
Shackleton: An Irishman in Antarctica
The Fallen
Things you should know

John Stack

Ship of Rome

Val McDermid

Val McDermid

Wednesday, 30 September, 7.30p.m

International bestselling crime writer Val McDermid has sold over 11 million books worldwide. Her novels have been translated into twenty six languages across the globe and she has won numerous international and UK literary awards. Val was born in Kirkcaldy, a small town in the heart of the Scottish mining community. Her first novel was published in 1987, and her new novel Fever of the Bone was published in September 2009.

Dead Beat
Kick Back
Crack Down
Common Murder
Clean Break
The Mermaids Singing
Blue Genes
Final Edition
Union Jack
The Blood in the Wire
Booked for Murder
Star Struck
A Place of Execution
Killing the Shadows
Report for Murder
The Last Temptation
The Distant Echo
Hostage to Murder
The Torment of Others
The Grave Tattoo
Beneath the Bleeding
A Darker Domain
Fever of the Bones

Joe Humphreys

Tuesday 11 August 2009, Central Library

Joe Humphreys pic
Journalist and author Joe Humphreys was born in Galway and educated at UCD. He has worked as a news reporter and as a correspondent from South Africa for the Irish Times. He is currently an assistant news editor with the paper. His latest book Foul Play: What's Wrong With Sport examines the darker side of our sporting passions. He is a long-suffering West Ham United fan.

Foul Play at the Icon Books website

Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Tuesday, 28 July 2009, Central Library

Gabriel Fitzmaurice pic
From Moyvane in North Kerry, Gabriel Fitzmaurice is a bilingual poet, literary advisor, translator, teacher, musician, and broadcaster.Among his English poetry collections are Rainsong, Road To The Horizon, Dancing Through, The Father's Part and The Village Sings. In Irish, he has published the collection Nocht. Not surprisingly for a native of the kingdom, his thoughts regularly turn to sport. His new book is a collection of poems about football called In Praise of Football.

Tom MacSweeney

Tuesday, 7 July 2009, Central Library

Tom MacSweeney pic

Tom MacSweeney worked as a reporter for the Cork Examiner, the Southern Star, the Irish Press and RTÉ in Belfast, Dublin and Cork. he has never owned a boat until he was assigned to Cork in the 1970s as RTÉ's first Regional Correspondent. Serving as Munster Correspondent an old fisherman in Kinsale told him 'down here you should have a boat'. So it was that, pushing thirty, he first learned to swim and took an adult training course on national 18 dinghies at Monkstown Bay Sailing Club, of which he is still a member. Currently seafaring correspondent for RTÉ, he has presented Seascapes for over 30 years; a programme that has become a national institution. He is the author of Seascapes, published by Mercier Press in 2008.

Anne Marie Forrest

Monday 29 June 2009, Central Library, with the LV Book Club

Anne Marie Forrest

Who Will Love Polly Odlum?
Dancing Days
Something Sensational
The Love Detective
Love Potions

Jan Morris

Tuesday 26 May 2009, Central Library

Jan Morris

Jan Morris is a renowned historian, author and travel writer. She was born James Morris in Somerset, England in 1926 and fought in the Second World War in Italy, Egypt and Palestine. Jan then attended Christ Church, Oxford, where she edited the college magazine Cherwell. Her early books include The Market of Seleukia and a history of the British Empire, the Pax Britannica trilogy. Her travel writings, particularly her city profiles are much loved. Her book Venice won the 1961 Heinemann Award. She has also written a memoir Conundrum, in which she wrote about her transgender surgery. In fiction, she has written short stories, and most recently in 2006, she wrote a novel called Hav.

Travel Titles:

Coast to Coast
Sultan in Oman
The Market in Seleukia
South African Winter
The Hashemite Kings
The Presence of Spain
The Venetian Empire
A Venetian Bestiary
The Matter of Wales
Hong Kong
A Writer’s World: Travels 1950-2000  

Mary O'Sullivan

Wednesday, 13 May 2009, Douglas Library, with the Douglas Reading Circle

Mary O'Sullivan

Author of:
As Easy As That
Parting Company
Ebb and Flow
Inside Out

Mary Malone

Tuesday 28 April 2009, Tory Top Library, with Tory Top Road Book Club

Mary Malone pic

Love Match
All you need is Love

Amanda Brunker

Saturday 25 April, Central Library

Amanda Brunker Pic 2

Columnist with the Sunday World, former Miss Ireland, actress, panellist, TV hostess and author, Amanda Brunker will spark our Year of the Constant Reader to life. Author of the hugely successful Champagne Kisses (Transworld), Amanda will direct us passionately towards the champagne of life, the effervescence of constant reading. ‘This doesn’t need my blessing,’ as Bono said, ‘It’s got Amanda’s fingerprints all over it.’

Champagne Kisses

Louis de Paor

Tuesday 24 March 2009, Central Library

Louis de Paor pic

Louis de Paor, file clúiteach Gaelach Corcaíoch a chaith seal san Astráil ó 1987 go 1996.  Bhí chonaí air i Melbourne agus é mar léachtóir san ollscoil i Sydney.  Born in Cork, Louis de Paor is currently  Stiúrthóir of Ionad an Léinn Éireannaigh, NUIG, Galway.  While in Australia he won a number of awards and fellowships.    His collections include  Aimsear Bhreicneach/Freckled weather, Corcach agus dánta eile, Proca solais is luatha, Ag Greadadh bas sa reilig.  He has also written on the stories of Máirtín Ó Cadhain and his 2007 film Mise, Seán Ó Riordáin was very well received.

Proca solais is luatha
30 Dán
Coisceim na hAoise seo/Seán O Tuama agus Louis de Paor
Seo, suid agus uile
Leabhar Sheáin Uí Thuama/arna chur in eagar ag Louis de Paor.
Corac, agus dánta eile
Faoin mblaoisc bheag sin
Agus rud eile de
Ag greadadh bas sa reilig
Cúpla siamach an ama

Peter Cunningham

Wednesday 11 March 2009, Frank O’Connor Library, Mayfield with Mayfield Reading Circle

Peter Cunningham pic

Who will trespass against us?
Tapes of the River Delta
Consequences of the Heart
Love in one edition
The Taoiseach
The Sea and the Silence
Hostile Bid
The Bear’s Requiem
The Snow Bees

Joseph O’Neill 

Monday 9 March 2009, Central Library

Joseph O'Neill pic 

One of the most fascinating and challenging new writers of the Diaspora is Cork-born JOSEPH O’NEILL, author of the now famous Netherland (Fourth Estate, 2008). O’NEILL is also author of The Breezes (1996) and This Is The Life (1991) as well as the complex Blood-Dark Track: A Family History (Granta, 2001). O’NEILL is a new kind of Irishman, multi-layered, complicated, global.  O’NEILL’S themes are not just the dear little shamrock, but the ‘mutable, multiform eggplant,’ ‘the crepelike saffron dosa’ and the SoHo ‘much-maligned meal-in-a-flatbread’ of his marvellous New York Magazine columns. 

This is the Life
The Breezes
Blood-Dark Track: A Family History

Ellen McCarthy

Saturday 14 February 2009, with the Saturday Book Club, Central Library

Ellen McCarthy pic

Guilt Ridden
Guarding Maggie