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Stories: The Travelling Travel Books

To celebrate our Year of the Constant Reader, Cork City Libraries gave 30 travel books to 30 readers with the instructions to read them and pass them on. We are tracking the journey of the books around the world as they are passed from reader to reader during 2009.

We released 10 copies each of The Island That Dared by Dervla Murphy, Eating Scenery by Alannah Hopkin and Sailing For Home by Theo Dorgan.

The Island That Dared  Eating Scenery  Sailing for Home

The project was called Stories because:

  • There is a story within the book

  • The story of the journey of the book

  • The story of the reader who finds it and passes it on

At the end of 2009 we will have followed the journey each book made and linked readers around the world.

If you have found one of our books:

If you have found one of our books, email us at

Please tell us the book ID number, your location, where you found the book, where you will leave it, how you would rate the book out of 5, and recommend to us another book that you have enjoyed.

Then pass it on! You can give the book to a friend, or leave it in a public place such as a café or on a train, or in your local library's book swap box. You could even take it on holidays with you.

Visit our Map The Books page to see where our books have been.