Cork City

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15 Popular New Titles

 1. Adiga, Arivand   The White Tiger
2.   Ahern, Cecelia  The Gift
 3.  Barry, Sebastian  Sacred Scripture
 4.  Binchy, Maeve  Heart and Soul
 5.  Connelly, Michael  The Brass Verdict
 6.  Gerritsen, Tess  The Bone Garden
 7.  Grisham, John  The Appeal
 8.  Hamid, Mohsin  The Reluctant Fundamentalist
 9.  Heller, Zoe  The Believers
 10.  Hosseini, Khaled  A Thousand Splendid Suns
 11.  Lewycka, Marina  Two Caravans
 12.  Morrison, Toni  A Mercy
 13.  Picoult, Jodi  Songs of the Humpback Whale
 14.  Sebold, Alice  Almost Moon
 15.  Shreve, Anita  Testimony