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Starting a business in Ireland: a comprehensive guide and directory
O’Kane, Brian
(Oak Tree Press, 2004)

This book takes would-be entrepreneurs through all the stages in starting a business and includes a directory of state, EU and private sector organisations to provide assistance in start-ups and small businesses.


Banksters: how a powerful elite squandered Ireland’s wealth
Murphy, David & Devlin, Martina
(Hachette Books, 2009)

An insight into what has happened in the boardrooms of banks during Ireland’s financial crisis.


Celtic meltdown: why Ireland is broke and how we can fix it
O Dalaigh, Cearbhall
(Cape, 1972)

A must read for those interested in understanding the collapse of the Irish economy with no holds barred in identifying the main culprits.


Surviving the axe: the Irish guide to handling redundancy and finding a new job
O’Callaghan, Lisa
(Liberties Press, 2009)

A timely book for those coping with job loss, offering advice and information about re-entering the Irish labour market.


The ascent of money: a financial history of the world
Ferguson, Niall
(Allen Lane, 2008, rprt. 2009, Penguin)

This financial history of the world tells the story of booms and busts as it’s never been told before.


The great crash, 1929
Galbraith, John Kenneth
(orig. publ. 1954) 

An economic history of the lead up to the Wall Street Crash – Galbraith believed that an understanding of the ’29 crash would safeguard against its recurrence.


The age of turbulence: adventures in a new world
Greenspan, Alan
(Allen Lane 2007)

Written by the former chair of the Federal Reserve, this is both a memoir and a meditation on economic issues – a provocative and controversial read.


The mature manager: managing from the inside out
Tony Humphreys
(Newleaf, 2006) 

Tony Humphreys shows how a manager who has good communication skills and is able to  relate openly with employees can enhance the working environment considerably and be more effective.


Morals and markets: an evolutionary account of the modern world
Daniel Friedman
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2008) 

Economist Friedman demonstrates that society functions best when morals and markets are in balance with each other.


Working ethically: creating a sustainable business – without breaking the bank
(A & C Black, 2007)

A concise handbook of people’s experiences showing how working ethically and responsibly does not increase the price of doing business.