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April's 1,000 Roses

roseIn recent years April has been the month of the World Book Fest in Cork, organized jointly by Cork City Libraries and Triskel, with the support of the Munster Literature Centre and the Arts Council. The Fest coincides with the wonderful Catalan celebration of books and roses called ‘La Diada de Sant Jordi’.
In Barcelona, lovers, and others less attached, share a book and a rose to celebrate the name day of the Patron Saint of Catalunya. By day’s end in Barcelona this year, over four million roses and 400,000 books were purchased.

In April, the Year of the Constant Reader focused on the story of the rose and the book  -  in that very special month we distributed no fewer than a thousand roses to truly constant readers.

Here are some of the many who were bearers of a rose during April.

Amanda Brunker

Leanne O'Sullivan

Paul Casey

Thomas McCarthy and Stéphan Heuet

John O'Sullivan and Martin Byrne (Cork City Libraries staff)