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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning encompasses both formal (structured classes and courses) and informal (self-directed) learning for persons aged 12 years and upwards, and lasts throughout our lives.

UCC Short Courses*  A number of courses are held  in Cork City Libraries during the daytime, from September on,  in association with the Centre for Adult Continuing Education, UCC.  *Fees payable to UCC. Call 021 4904717 or visit UCC Short Courses details. The next round of courses will start in January 2017 

 Adult Learning is something to be celebrated — as this promotional video from the Laois Adult Learning Centre shows. 



The Library can offer to adult learners:

  1. a learning space: an accessible, community-oriented, open, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment
  2. a supportive environment with high-quality facilities
  3. learning resources: The Library has extensive up-to-date and relevant collections of books, periodicals, audio-visual and multi-media stock. Your local library has access to millions of books through a network of libraries in Ireland and Great Britain.
  4. skilled, well-trained and helpful staff
  5. state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, linked by state-of-the-art information and communications technologies to other libraries in our local network, to other library and information services and cultural centres, and to online resources worldwide.

The library services provide learning resources to assist adult learners by:

  1. providing computers and learning resources for persons enhancing their ICT skills
  2. providing space for and, where appropriate, organizing workshops, lectures, etc.
  3. providing resources for literacy students and their tutors
  4. providing language-learning resources;
  5. providing resources for social inclusion initiatives for all socially excluded groups.

The Library service supports learning initiatives:   

  1. by providing student support for both post-primary and third-level students engaged in course work, involving the provision of study facilities for people using library resources, some limited space for study, and a range of ICT facilities.
  2. by supporting the provision of formal classes, in association with education providers, including post-literacy work, Basic English for immigrants and refugees, creative writing, etc.
  3. by developing libraries as learning resource centres, with each library facilitating self-directed learning, including language learning
  4. by supporting distance learning, for example through the Open University or other formal education programmes.

In addition, the library service seeks to co-operate with state and community agencies involved in lifelong learning by:

  • strengthening partnerships with the Cork ETB, City Development Board, Cork City Partnership, and community and continuing education structures generally, and
  • working with education groups such as family resource centres at community level.