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The 100 BOOKS: arranged by theme



Connolly, James Labour in Irish History   1910

Connolly, James  Labour, nationality and religion  1910

Davitt, Michael The fall of feudalism in Ireland   1904

Sheehy-Skeffington, Francis      Michael Davitt: revolutionary, agitator and labour leader    1908



Brooke, Stopford Augustus & Rolleston, T.W. (editors)      Treasury of Irish poetry  1900

Dineen, Patrick S.      Foclóir Gaedhilge agus Béarla   1904

Green, Alice Stopford         The old Irish world    1912

Hogan, Edmund        Onomasticon goedelicum          1910

Hull, Eleanor  The Cuchullin saga in Irish literature 1898

Hyde, Dougas             A literary history of Ireland        1899

Hyde, Douglas  Casadh an tSugáin  1901

Hyde, Douglas  Love songs of Connaught 1893

Hyde, Douglas  Religious songs of Connacht     1906

Hyde, Douglas  Songs ascribed to Raftery 1909

Joyce, P.W.         A social history of ancient Ireland     1903

MacDonagh, Thomas         Literature in Ireland 1916

Mac Néill, Eoin Phases of Irish history        1919

Mac Néill, Eoin Celtic Ireland    1921

Ó Conaire, Pádraic    Nora Mharcais Bhig agus sgéalta eile        1909

Ó Conaire. Pádraic    Seacht  mbuadh an éirighe amach    1918

O’Grady, Standish James  Cuculain: an epic      1882

O’Grady, Standish James  History of Ireland      1878-1880

O’Growney, Eugene Simple lessons in Irish; giving the pronunciation of each word          1894

Ó Laoghaire, Peadar Mo scéal féin    1915

Ó Laoghaire.Peadar Séadna     1904

O’Neill, Francis Irish minstrels and musicians  1913

O’Neill, Moira   Songs of the glens of Antrim    1921

Rolleston, T.W.           Celtic myths and legends 1911

Tynan, Katherine      The Years of the Shadow   1919



Æ (George Russell)   Thoughts for a convention         1917

Casement, Roger, Sir         Sir Roger Casement’s diaries: His mission to Germany and the Findlay affair        1922 (Edited by Charles E. Curry)

Casement, Roger, Sir Germany and the Freedom of the Seas. A possible outcome of the war of 1914? 1914     

Childers, Robert Erskine    The framework of Home Rule  1911

Clarke, Thomas          Glimpses of an Irish felon’s prison life       1922

Clery, Arthur     The idea of a nation 1907`

Griffith, Arthur Resurrection of Hungary  November 1904

Henry, R.M.       Evolution of Sinn Féin       1920

Hobson, Bulmer in N.L.I.   The creed of the Republic 1907

MacSwiney, Terence          The music of freedom        1907

MacSwiney, Terence          Principles of  freedom      1921

Moran, D.P.       The philosophy of Irish Ireland 1905

O’Brien, William        The downfall of parliamentarianism         1918

O’Brien, William        The Irish revolution and how it came about      1923

O’Brien, William        Recollections    1905

Pearse, Patrick  Collected works         1917

Pearse, Patrick  The murder machine         1916

Pearse, Patrick  The separatist idea   1916

Pearse, Patrick  The sovereign people        1916

Pearse, Patrick  The spiritual nation 1916

Stephens, James        Insurrection in Dublin      1916



AE (George Russell)   Co-operation and nationality      1912

Plunkett, Horace       Ireland in the new century        1904



Corkery, Daniel          A Munster twilight   1917

Corkery, Daniel The threshold of quiet       1917

Joyce, James      Dubliners 1914

Joyce, James      A portrait of the artist as a young man     1916

Joyce, James      Ulysses     1922

Macnamara, Brinsley         Valley of the squinting windows       1918

Moore, George The untilled field      1903

Mulholland, Rosa      Marcella Grace 1886

Sheehan, Patrick Augustine      Glenanaar         1905

Sheehan, Patrick Augustine      My new curate 1900

Sheehan, Patrick Augustine      The triumph of failure       1898

Smithson, Annie M.P.        Her Irish heritage      1917

Smithson, Annie M.P.        The walk of a queen 1922

Somerville & Ross     Mount Music    1919

Somerville & Ross     The real Charlotte     1894

Somerville & Ross     Some  experiences of an Irish RM      1899



Joyce, James      Chamber music         1907

MacDonagh, Thomas         Poetical works 1916

Milligan, Alice  Hero lays  1908

Shorter, Dora Sigerson      The tricolour: poems of the Irish revolution       1922

Yeats, William Butler         Michael Robartes and the dancer      1921

Yeats, William Butler (ed) Poems and ballads of Young Ireland 1888

Yeats, William Butler         The Celtic Twilight    1893

Yeats, William Butler         The wild swans at Coole   1919



Gregory, Isabella Augusta          Cuchulainn of Murtheimne      1902

Gregory, Isabella Augusta          Spreading the news 1905

Gregory, Isabella Augusta          Kincora     1905

Gregory, Isabella Augusta          The rising of the moon      1907

MacSwiney, Terence          The revolutionist       1914

O’Casey, Seán   Juno and the paycock        1924

O’Casey, Seán   The plough and the stars  1926

O’Casey, Seán   Shadow of a gunman  1923

Shaw, George Bernard      John Bull’s other island     1904

Shaw, George Bernard      Major Barbara  1907

Shaw, George Bernard      Man and superman 1903

Synge, John Millington     Deirdre of the sorrows       1910

Synge, John Millington     In the shadow of the glen 1903

Synge, John Millington     The playboy of the western world  1907

Synge, John Millongton    Riders to the sea        1904

Synge, John Millington     The tinker’s wedding        1908

Synge, John Millington     The well of the saints        1905

Wilde, Oscar     The importance of being earnest      1895

Yeats, William Butler         Cathleen Ni Houlihan        1902

Yeats, William Butler         Countess Cathleen   1892



Crawford, Frederic Hugh  Why I voted for the six counties         1920

McCarthy, Michael    Priests and people in Ireland    1902

MacNeill, Ronald       Ulster’s stand for union    1922

Morrison, H.S.   Modern Ulster: It’s character, customs, politics and industries          1920