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The Crucial 100 books

Europe’s Last Summer: Reading list   

New titles : May/June 2018

Philip Blom - Fracture : life and culture in the West, 1918-1938 (Atlantic Books, 2015)
Laura Engelstein - Russia in flames : war, revolution, civil war, 1914-1921 (Oxford University Press, 2018)
Peter Hart - The last battle : endgame on the Western Front, 1918 (Profile Books, 2018)
Gerard Murphy - The great cover-up : the truth about the death of Michael Collins (Collins Press, 2018)
Helen Pankhurst - Deeds not words : the story of women's rights, then and now (Sceptre, 2018)
Charles River Editors - The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic : history and legacy of the world's deadliest influenza outbreak (Charles Rivers Ltd.)

From our Shelves : May/June 2018

Cork Workers Club - Irish labour and its international relations in the era of the Second International & the Bolshevik Revolution (C.W.C.,1975)
Ashley Ekins (ed.) - 1918 : year of victory : the end of the Great War and the shaping of history (Exisle, 2010)
William Gerhardie - God's fifth column : a biography of the age 1890-1940 (Overlook Press, 1991 (orig. 1981)
Michael Morpurgo (ed.) - Only remembered : powerful words and pictures about the war that changed our world (Corgi, 2014)
Richard J. Overy - The inter-war crisis, 1919-1939 (Pearson, 2007)
Arnold J. Toynbee et al. - The impact of the Russian Revolution 1917-1967 (Oxford University Press, 1967)
Margaret Ward (ed.) - In their own voice : women and Irish nationalism ((Attic Press, 1995)

New titles : March/April 2018

Catherine Arnold - Pandemic 1918 : the story of the deadliest influenza in history (O'Mara Books, 2018)
Eamonn Ashe - 31 Years of Hell, 1914-1945 (Flashforward, 2016)
Mark Mazower - What you did not tell : a Russian past and the journey home (Allen Lane, 2017)
Jean Prendergast - Cork voices of WWI (J. Prendergast, 2017)
Anthony Richards - In their own words : untold stories of the First World War (Imperial War Museum, 2016)
L. Ryan and M. Ward - Irish women and the vote : becoming citizens (New edition) (Irish Academic Press, 2018)
Mark Scott - The man who shot the Great War : the remarkable story of George Hackney (Colourpoint, 2017)

New titles : January/February 2018

Martin M. Evans - 1918 : the year of victories (Arcturus Publishing, 2017)
Tom French (ed.) - A bittern cry : in honour of Francis Ledwidge (Éigse Éireann, 2017)
History Ireland - 1916-1918 : Changed utterly : Ireland after the Rising (History Ireland, 2017)
David McCullagh - De Valera : Rise, 1882-1932 (Gill Books, 2017)
Evan Mawdsley - The Russian Civil War (Birlinn, 2017)
Dominic Price - We bled together : Michael Collins, the squad and the Dublin Brigade (Collins Press, 2017)
E. Rogatchevskaia (ed.) - Russian Revolution : hope, tragedies, myths (British Library, 2017)
Margaret Ward - Hanna Sheehy Skeffington : suffragette and Sinn Féiner (U.C.D. Press, 2017)

New titles : November/December 2017

Prit Buttar - Russia's last gasp : the Eastern Front, 1916-1917 (Osprey Publishing, 2016)
Gemma Clark - Everyday violence in the Irish Civil War (Cork University Press, 2016)
Fergal Keane - Wounds : a memoir of war and love (Collins, 2017)
D. Molyneaux and D. Kelly - Those of us who must die : execution, exile and revival after the Easter Rising (Collins Press, 2017)
Cormac Ó Comhraí - Ireland and the First World War : a photographic history (Mercier Press, 2014)
Joseph Pearce - Death comes for the war poets : a verse tapestry (St. Augustine's Press, 2017)
William Sheehan - A hard local war : the British army and the guerrilla war in Cork, 1919-1921 (History Press, 2017) 

New titles : September/October 2017

Max Arthur - The faces of World War I : the Great War in words and pictures (Bounty Books, 2007)
Stefanie Linden - They called it shell shock : combat stress in the First World War (Helion & Co., 2017)
Paul O'Brien - Havoc : the Auxiliaries in Ireland's War of Independence (Collins Press, 2017)
T & M.L. O'Donnell - Sisters of the revolutionaries : the story of Margaret and Mary Bridget Pearse (Merrion Press, 2017)
Seán Ó Lúing - I die in a good cause : Thomas Ashe, a biography (Mercier, 2017 (new ed.))
A. Pilz and W. Standlee - Irish women's writing, 1878-1922 : advancing the cause of liberty (Manchester University Press, 2016)
Laura Spinney - Pale rider : the Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it changed the world (Jonathan Cape, 2017)

New titles : The Russian Revolution 1917

Tariq Ali - The dilemmas of Lenin : terrorism, war, empire, love, revolution (Verso, 2017)
Daniel Beer - The house of the dead : Siberian exile under the Tsars (Allen Lane, 2016)
Tony Brenton (ed.) - Historically inevitable : turning points of the Russian Revolution (Profile Books, 2016)
David King - Russian revolutionary posters (Tate Publishing, 2017)
Sean McMeekin - The Russian Revolution : a new history (Profile Books, 2016)
Alexander Rabinowitch - The Bolsheviks came to power : the revolution of 1917 in Petrograd (Pluto Press, new ed. 2017)
Helen Rappaport - Caught in the revolution : Petrograd, 1917 (Windmill Books,  2016)
Victor Sebestyen - Lenin the dictator : an intimate portrait (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2017)

From our shelves : The Russian Revolution 1917

V.I. Lenin - The tasks of the proletariat in our revolution (1917)
Sheila Fitzpatrick - The Commissariat of Enlightenment : Soviet organization of education and the arts under Lunacharsky, October 1917-1921 (Cambridge University Press, 1970)
Dominic Lieven - Towards the flame : empire, war and the end of Tsarist Russia (Penguin, 2015)
John Reed - Ten days ghat shook the world (Modern Library, 1935 (orig. 1919))
Victor Serge - Year One of the Russian Revolution (Allen Lane, 1972 (orig. 1930))
N.N. Sukhanov - The Russian Revolution 1917 : a personal record (Oxford University Press, 1955 (oriog. 1922))
Franco Venturi - Roots of revolution : history of populist and socialist movements in 19th century Russia (Universal Library, 1960 (orig. 1952))

New titles : May/June2017

Michael E.A. Connell Jnr. - Michael Collins : Dublin 1916-1922 (Wordwell, 2017)
Gerald Dawe - Of war and war's alarms : reflections on modern Irish writing (Cork University Press, 2015)
Valeris Jones - Rebel Prods : the forgotten story of Protestant radical nationalists and the 1916 Rising (Ashfield Press, 2016)
Barry Keane - Cork's revolutionary dead, 1916-1923 (Mercier Press, 2017)
The Kerryman - Rebel Kerry : story of the Rebellion (Mercier Press, 2017)
China Miéville - October : the story of the Russian Revolution (Verso, 2017)
William Murphy - Political imprisonment and the Irish, 1912-1921 (Oxford University Press, 2016)
Michael Quinn - Irish-Soviet diplomatic and friendship relations 1917-1991 (Umiskin Press, 2016)


New titles : January 2017

Sean Crossan & W. Huber (eds.) - Towards 2016 : 1916 and Irish literature, culture & society (Wissenschaftlicher, 2016)
Terernce Dooley (ed.) - The country house and the Great War : Irish and British experiences (Four Courts Press, 2016)
Boris Dralyuk - Stories and poems from the Russian Revolution (Pushkin Press, 2016)
John Gibney (ed.) - Dublin City Council and the 1916 Rising (Dublin City Council, 2016)
Paul Gorry - Seven signatories : tracing the family histories of the men who signed the Proclamation (Merrion Press, 2016)
K.T. Hoppen - Governing Hibernia : British politicians and Ireland, 1800-1921 (Oxford university Press, 2016)
Catherine Merridale - Lenin on the train (Allen Lane, 2016) 

New titles : December 2016

Cork City Libraries - Cherish, cherish, cherish : reflections on the 1916 Proclamation (Collins Press and Cork City Council, 2016)
Daragh Gannon - Proclaiming a republic : Ireland, 1916 and the National Collection (Irish Academic Press, 2016)
Cork City Council - Laochra Chorcaí : commemorating Cork's patriots, a city guide (Cork City Council, 2016)
Tim Marshall - Worth dying for : the power and politics of flags (Elliott and Thompson, 2016)
Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil - Blackrock : a portrait of a Cork suburb in 1916 (OD Books, 2016)
Cormack O'Malley (ed.) - Modern Ireland and revolution : Ernie O'Malley in context (Irish Academic Press, 2016)
Tina O'Toole (ed.) - Women writing war : Ireland, 1880-1922 (U.C.D. Press, 2016)

New titles : October/November 2016

Capuchin Annual 1966- 1916 Rising commemorative pages (2016 reprint)
Michael Dervan - The invisible art : a century of music in Ireland (New Island, 2016)
Robert Gerwarth - The vanquished : why the First World War failed to end, 1917-1923 (Allen Lane, 2016)
Robert Kershaw - 24 Hours at the Somme : 1 July 2016 (W.H. Allen, 2016)
Janie Leatherman - Sexual violence and armed conflict (Polity, 2011)
Ronan McGreevy - Wherever the firing line extends : Ireland and the Western Front (History Press, 2016)
Stephen Moore - 100 Irish stories of the Great War : Ireland's experience of the 1914-18 conflict (Colourpoint, 2016)
Paul Muldoon - Rising to the Rising (Gallery Press, 2016) 


Edmund Blunden—Undertones of war - Penguin, 1982, (orig. 1928)
Séan Boyne—Emmet Dalton—Somme soldier, Irish general, film pioneer. Merrion Press, 2015
Christopher Duffy —Through German eyes: the British and the Somme 1916. Phoenix, 2006
Geoff Dyer—The missing of the Somme. H. Hamilton, 1994
Robert Graves—Goodbye to all that. J. Cape, 1929
Lyn MacDonald—Somme. M. Joseph, 1983
John Masefield—The old front line.  Heinemann, 1917
M. Middlebrook—The Somme battlefields. Viking, 1991
Philip Orr—The road to the Somme: men of the Ulster Division tell their story.Blackstaff Press, 1987

Simon Armitage — Still: a poetic response to photographs of the Somme Battlefield. Enitharmon Press, 2016
John Keegan—Face of battle : A study of Agincourt, Waterloo & the Somme. Bodley H. 2014
Joshua Levine— Forgotten voices of the Somme. Ebury Press, 2009
Lucy London (comp.) - The Somme 1916 : A centenary collection of poets, writers and artists. P.U.N Publ., 2016
Stephen Moore—The Irish on the Somme: battlefield guide to the Irish regiments in the Great War. Colourpoint, 2016
Anthony Richards—The Somme : a visual history. Imperial War Museum, 2016
Hugh Sebag-Montefiore—Somme: into the breach. Viking, 2016
Catherine Switzer—Ulster, Ireland and the Somme. History Press, 2013

Aug/Sept 2016

Gail Braybon (ed.) - Evidence, history and the Great War: historians and the impact of 1914-1918. Berghahn Books, 2008
Adrian Grant — Irish socialist republicanism 1909-1936. Four Courts Press, 2012
Nicola Henry — War and rape : law, memory and justice. Routledge, 2011
Heather Jones — Violence against prisoners of war in the First World War. C.U.P., 2011
RonanMcGreevy (ed.) - Was it for this: reflections on the Easter Rising and what it means to us now 1916-2016. Irish Times Books, 2016Angus Mitchell (ed.) - One bold deed of open treason : Berlin diary of Roger Casement. Merrion Press, 2016
George L. Mosse — Fallen soldiers: reshaping the memory of the world wars. O.U.P, 1990
Terry Moylan (ed.) - The indignant muse: poetry and songs of the Irish Revolution 1887-1923. Lilliput Press, 2015

 June/July 2016

Taylor Downing — Breakdown: the crisis of shell shock on  the Somme, 1916. Little, Brown, 2016
Edwards, Ruth Dudley — The Seven: the lives and legacies of the founding fathers of the Irish Republic. Oneworld, 2016
Frances Flanagan — Remembering the revolution: dissent, culture and nationalism in the Irish Free State. O.U.P., 2015
R.S. Grayson & F. McGarry (eds.) - Remembering 1916: the Easter Rising, the Somme and the politics of memory in Ireland. C.U.P., 2016
Stefan Ihrig — Justifying genocide : Germany and the Armenians from Bismarck to Hitler. Harvard Univ. Press, 2016
Kevin Kenna — All the risings: Ireland 1014-1916. Currach Press, 2016
Frank Richards — Old soldiers never die. Parthian, 2016 (orig. 1933)
Jack Sheldon — The German army on the Somme 1914-1916. Pen & Sword

April/May 2016

Kieran Allen — 1916: Ireland’s revolutionary tradition. Pluto Press, 2016
Myles Dungan — On this day. New Island Books, 2015
History Ireland — 1916: dream & death: the impact of the Irish Rising, 2015
Keith Jeffrey — 1916: a global history. Bloomsbury, 2015
Ian Kershaw —To hell and back: Europe 1914-1949. Viking, 2015
Bríona Nic Dhiarmada—The 1916 Irish rebellion. Cork University Press, 2016
Helene O’Keeffe—To speak of Easter Week: family memories of the Irish revolution. Mercier Press, 2015
The Stinging Fly—In the wake of the Rising  [Vol. 2, no. 33, Spring 2016]
Stefan Zweig—Messages from a lost world : Europe on the brink. Pushkin Press, 2016 [orig. 1914-1941]

March 2016  

Sebastian Faulks - A broken world: letters, diaries and memories of the Great War. (Hutchinson, 2014)
Diarmaid Ferriter & Susannah Riordan (eds.) - Years of turbulence: the Irish revolution and its aftermath. (U.C.D. Press, 2015)
Matthew Green - Aftershock : the untold story of surviving peace. (Portobello, 2015)
Gavin Hughes - Fighting Irish: the Irish regiments in the First World War. (Merrion Press, 2015)
Fearghal McGarry.   The Abbey rebels of 1916: a lost revolution. (G.&M., 2015)
Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh (ed.).  The GAA  & revolution in Ireland 1913-1923.(Collins Press, 2015)
Gary Sheffield.    The First world War in 100 objects. (Andre Deutsch, 2015)
Sonja Tiernan (ed.).   The political writings of Eva Gore-Booth. (Manchester Univ. Press, 2015)

FROM OUR SHELVES - The 1916 Rising 

James Connolly — Labour and Easter Week (a selection of his writings) (1898-1916)
John Cowell — A noontide blazing : Brigid Lyons Thornton—rebel, soldier, doctor. (2005)
Stephen Ferguson — GPO staff in 1916 (2005)
J. Anthony Gaughan — Austin Stack: portrait of a separatist. (1977)
Peter Hart — The I.R.A. at war (2003)
Bulmer Hobson — Ireland: yesterday and tomorrow. (1968)
Diarmuid Lynch — The I.R.B. and the 1916 insurrection : a record of the preparations for the rising. (edited by Florence O’Donoghue in 1957)
W.J. McCormack — Dublin 1916: the French connection. (2012)
Desmond Ryan — The rising ; the complete story of Easter Week. (1949)
W.I. Thompson — The imagination of an insurrection : Dublin, Easter 1916. (1967) 

Old and new, Irish and international

Kevin Curran - Citizens. Liberties Press, 2016
Roddy Doyle - A star called Henry. J. Cape, 1999
Marc Dugain - The officers’ ward. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1998
Emilio Lussu - Sardinian brigade : the classic Italian novel of world War 1. Prion, 1964 (orig. 1938)
Richard Marius - After the war. Rutledge Hill Press, 1992
L.M. Montgomery - Rilla of Ingleside. Lippincott, 1944 (orig. 1921)
Eoghan Ó Tuairisc - Dé Luain. Sáirséal, 1988 (orig. 1966)
Jean-Christophe Rufin - The red collar. Europa Editions, 2015
Gregor Von Rezzori - An ermine in Czernopol. N.Y.R. Books, 2011 (orig. 1966)

January/February 2016

16 Lives Series — A series of biographies of the 1916 Easter Rising’s 16 executed men. O’Brien Press, 2012-2016
Connell, J.E.A.— Dublin Rising 1916, Wordwell, 2015
Coogan, Tim Pat — 1916: the mornings after. Head of Zeus, 2015
Joe Duffy — Children of the Rising. Hachette, 2015
Ronan Fanning — Éamon De Valera. Faber & Faber, 2015
Gene Kerrigan — The scrap: a true story from the 1916 Rising. Doubleday, 2015
Lucy McDiarmid — At home in the revolution : what women said and did in 1916.  R.I.A., 2015
Conor McNamara — Easter Rebellion 1916 : a new illustrated history. Collins, 2015
Anne-Marie Ryan —16 dead men : the Easter rising executions. Mercier Press, 2014
L.W. White & J. Quinn (eds.) - 1916 : portraits and lives. R.I.A., 2015

From our Shelves!

Joanna Bourke — An intimate history of killing [Granta Books, 1999]
Bryan Cooper — The tenth (Irish) division in Gallipoli [Irish Academic Press, 1993 (orig. 1918)]
Terence Denman — Ireland’s unknown soldiers : the 16th (Irish) division in the Great War [Irish Academic Press, 2008]
Myles Dungan — They shall not grow old : Irish soldiers and the Great War [Four Courts Press, 1997]
H.E.D. Harris — The Irish regiments in the First World War [Mercier Press, 1968]
Jean Hood — War correspondent: reporting under fire since 1850 [Conway, 2011]
Horne, John (ed.) — Our war: Ireland and the Great War [Royal Irish Academy, 2008]
Cal McCarthy— Cumann na mBan and the Irish Revolution [Collins Press, 2007]
Sinead McCoole — No ordinary women: Irish female activists in the revolutionary years 1900-1923 [O’Brien Press, 2003]
Carmel Quinlan — Genteel revolutionaries : Anna  & Thomas Haslam & the Irish Women’s Movement [Cork University Press, 2002]
Ian Westwell — An illustrated history of the weapons of World War One [Southwater, 2011]

New Titles - December 2013

David Campbell (Cpt.) — Forward the rifles: the war diary of an Irish soldier 1914-1918 [Nonesuch, 2009]
Carol Ann Duffy — 1914: Poetry remembers [Faber & Faber, 2013]
Darrell Figgis — A.E. Russell: a study of a man and a nation [Nonsuch, 2006 (orig. 1916)]
Max Hastings — Catastrophe: Europe goes to war 1914 [Wm. Collins, 2013]
Margaret MacMillan — The war that ended peace: how Europe abandoned peace for the First World War [Profile Books, 2013]
Sean McMeekin — July 1914: countdown to war [Icon, 2013]
Angus Mitchell — 16 Lives: Roger Casement [O’Brien Press, 2013]
George Morrison — Revolutionary Ireland: a photographic record [Gill & Macmillan, 2013]
Mick O’Farrell — 1916: what the people saw [Mercier Press, 2013]
Fergal Tobin — The Irish revolution: an illustrated history, 1912-1925 [Gill & Macmillan, 2013]

From our shelves - February-March 2014

M.J. Carter — The three emperors: three cousins, three empires and the road to World War One [Fig Tree Press, 2009]
David Fromkin —  Europe's last summer: why the world went to war in 1914 [Heinemann, 2004]
Ernst Junger — Storm of steel [Allen Lane, 2003, orig. 1920]
Ann Matthews — Renegades: Irish Republican women, 1900-1922 [Mercier Press, 2010]
Liam Ó Murchú — Black cat in the window [Collins Press, 1999]
Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc — Revolution: a photographic history of revolutionary Ireland, 1913-1923 [Mercier Press, 2011]
Gerry White and Brendan O'Shea — A great sacrifice: Cork servicemen who died in the Great War [Echo Publications, 2010]
Jean Moorcroft Wilson — Siegfried Sassoon: the journey from the trenches [Duckworth, 2003]
Stefan Zweig — The world of yesterday [Pushkin Press, 2009, orig. 1942]
Denis Gwynn — The life of John Redmond [Harrap, 1932] 

New Titles - February-March 2014

Kate Adie — Fighting on the home front: the legacy of women in World War One [Hodder & Stoughton, 2013]
Mark Adkin — The Western Front companion: complete guide to how the armies fought for four devastating years 1914-1918 [Aurum, 2013]
Pete Ayrton (Compiler) — No man's land: writings from a world at war [Serpent's Tail, 2013]
Mark Bostridge — Fateful year: England 1914: a year that began in peace and ended in war [Viking, 2014]
David Crane — Empires of the dead: how one man's vision lead to the creation of WWI's war graves [2013]
Martin Gilbert — Routledge Atlas of the First World War [Routledge, 3rd ed.]
Greg King and Sue Woolams — The assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the murder that changed the world [Macmillan, 2013]
Neil Hanson — Escape from Germany: the greatest POW break-out of WWI [Doubleday, 2011]
David Reynolds — The long shadow: the Great War and the twentieth century [Simon & Schuster, 2013]
Richard Van Emden — Meeting the enemy: the human face of the Great War [Bloomsbury, 2013]

New Irish Titles - February-March 2014

Brian Crowley — Patrick Pearse: a life in pictures [Mercier Press, 2013]
Ciara Cullen — The world upturning: Elsie Henry's Irish Wartime Diaries, 1913-1919 [Merrion, 2013]
John Horne (editor) — Towards commemoration: Ireland in war and revolution, 1912-1923 [Royal Irish Academy, 2013]
F.X. Martin (editor) — The Irish Volunteers 1913-1915: recollections & documents [Merrion: new ed., 2013]
Dermot Meleady — John Redmond: the national leader [Merrion, 2014]
Neil Richardson — A coward if I return, a hero if I fall: stories of irishmen in World War One [O'Brien Press: new ed., 2013]
Phil Tomkins — Twice a hero: from the trenches of the Great War to the ditches of the Irish midlands, 1915-1922 [Memoirs Publ., 2013]
Pádraig Yeates — A city in wartime: Dublin 1914-1918 [Gill & Macmillan, 2012]

From our shelves - April 2014

Max Arthur - When this bloody war is over: soldiers' songs of the First World War [Piatkus, 2001]
Anthony and Nicholas Bird (eds.) - Voices from the front line [Summersdale, 2006]
Will Ellsworth-Jones - We will not fight: the untold story of WWI's conscientious objectors [Aurum, 2008]
Adam Hochschild - To end all wars: a story of protest and patriotism in the First World War [Pan, 2011]
Paddy McCarthy - Cork during the years of the Great War, 1914-1918 [P. McCarthy, 2009]
Patrick MacGill - The red horizon [orig. publ. 1916]
James Moran - Four Irish rebel plays [I.A.P., 2007]
Geraldine Neeson - In my mind's eye: the Cork I knew and loved [Prestige Books, 2001]
Barbara Tuchman - The guns of August (or, August 1914) [Macmillan, 1962]
Barbara Tuchman - The proud tower: a portrait of the world before the war, 1890-1914 [Macmillan, 1966]

New titles - April 2014

Christopher Clarke - The sleepwalkers: how Europe went to war in 1914 [Penguin, 2013]
Saul David - 100 days to victory: how the Great War was fought and won [Hodder & Stougton, 2013]
Niall Ferguson - The pity of war : 1914-1918 [Penguin, new ed. (orig. 1999)]
David Fromkin - A peace to end all peace: the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of the modern Middle East (Henry Holt & Co., new ed., 2009]
Frank Furedi - First World War: still no end in sight [Bloomsbury, 2014]
Joe Gleeson - Irish aviators of World War I. Vol. 1, Irish aces [J. Gleeson, 2012]
Felicity Goodall - We will not go to war: conscientious objectors during the world wars [History Press, 2010, orig. publ. 1997 as 'A question of conscience']]
Richard Ned Lebow - Archduke Franz Ferdinand lives!: a world without World War I [Palgrave, 2014]
Sean McMeekin - The Berlin-Baghdad Express: the Ottoman Empire and Germany's bid for world power, 1898-1918 [Penguin, 2011] 
Haluk Oral - Gallipoli 1915 through Turkish eyes [Bahcesehir University Press, 2012]
Jeremy Paxman - Great Britain's Great War [Viking, 2013]

New titles - June 2014

Mark Cronin - Blackpool to the front: a Cork suburb and Ireland's Great War, 1914-1918 (Collins Press, 2014)
John Dorney - Peace after the final battle: the story of the Irish revolution, 1912-1924 (New Island, 2014)
John Hughes-Wilson - A history of the First World War in 100 objects (Cassell, 2014)
Mandy Kirby (ed.) - Love letters of the Great War (Macmillan, 2014)
John Lewis-Stempel - The war behind the wire: the life, death and glory of British POWs 1914-1918 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2014)
William Mulligan - The great war for peace (Yale University Press, 2014)
Richard Overy (ed.) - World War I: the definitive visual guide (D.K., 2014)
Joe Sacco - The Great War: an illustrated panorama (graphic) (Jonathan Cape, 2013)

From our shelves - June 2014

Ian F. W. Beckett - The making of the first World War (Yale University Press, 2012)
A. & N. Bird (ed.) - Voices from the front line: words from the field of human conflict (Summersdale, 2006)
Winston Churchill - The world crisis 1911-1914 (Thornton Butterworth, 1923)
Martin Farrar - News from the front: war correspondents on the Western Front 1914-1918 (Sutton, 1998)
John Keegan - The first World War (Bodley Head, 1998, reissued 2014)
L. & J. E. Nolan - Secret victory: Ireland and the war at sea 1914-1918 (Mercier Press, 2009)
Philip Orr - Field of bones: an Irish division at Gallipoli (Lilliput Press, 2006)
Alan Palmer - The gardeners of Salonika: the Macedonian Campaign, 1915-1918 (Faber, 2009, orig. 1965)
Henry Williamson - The wet Flanders plain (Gliddon Books, 1987, orig. 1929)

New titles - July 2014

 Mildred Aldrich - A hilltop on the Marne: an American's letters from war-torn France (Hesperus Press, 2014)
Tim Butcher - The trigger: hunting the assassin who brought the world to war (Chatto & Windus, 2014)
Harry Drinkwater - Harry's war : the Great War diary of Harry Drinkwater (Ebury Press, 2013)
Paul Ham - 1914: the year the world ended (Doubleday, 2014)
Ian Morris - War: what is it good for? (Profile Books, 2014)
Sara-Beth Watkins - Ireland's suffragettes: the women who fought for the vote (History Press, 2014)
Ypres & Ghent Museums - War and trauma: soldiers and ambulances, 1914-1918, soldiers and psychiatrists, 1914-2014 (Hannibal, 2013)

From our shelves - July 2014

Darrell Figgis - Recollections of the Irish War (Ernest Benn Ltd., 1927)
Adrian Gregory & Senia Paseta (eds.) - Ireland and the Great War: a war to unite us all? (Manchester University Press, 2002)
John J. Horgan - Parnell to Pearse: some recollections and reflections (Browne & Nolan Ltd., 1948)
Henri Isselin - The Battle of the Marne (Elek Books, 1965)
Patrick MacGill - The great push: an episode of the Great War (Birlinn Ltd., 2000 ; originally published 1916)
Clive Ponting - Thirteen days: the road to the first World War (Chatto & Windus, 2002)
Mark Thompson - The white war: life and death on the Italian front, 1915-1919 (Faber & Faber, 2008)

New titles - August 2014

Ekins & Stewart (eds.) - War wounds: medicine and the trauma of conflict (Exisle, 2011)
Peter Doyle - The First World War in 100 objects (History Press, 2014)
Gordon Martel - The month that changed the world: July 1914 (O.U.P., 2014)
Emily Mayhew - Wounded: from battlefield to Blighty, 1914-1918 (Charnwood, 2013 [large print ed.])
T.G. Otte - July Crisis: the world's descent into war, summer 2014 (C.U.P., 2014)
John Stuart Roberts - Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1937) (Metro, 2014)
Adam Tooze - The deluge: the Great War and the remaking of the global order (Allen Lane, 2014)
Geoffrey Wawro - A mad catastrophe: the outbreak of WWI and the collapse of the Hapsburg Empire (Basic Books, 2014)

From our shelves - August 2014

Max Arthur - Forgotten voices of the Great War (Ebury Press/Imperial War Museum, 2006)
Rudyard Kipling - The Irish Guards in the Great War (Spellmount, 2008 [orig. 1923])
Alan Kramer - Dynamic of destruction: culture and mass killing in the First World War (O.U.P., 2007)
F.X. Martin (ed.) - The Howth gun-running and the Kilcoole gun-running, 1914 (Browne & Nolan, 1964 [new ed. 2014])
John Masefield - The Battle of the Somme (Chivers, 1968 [orig. 1919])
Andy Simpson - Hot blood and cold steel: life and death in the trenches of WWI (Spellmount, 1993)
Barbara Tuchman - The Zimmerman telegram (Constable, 1959)

New titles - September 2014

Lavinia Greenlaw (ed.) - Goodbye to all that: writers on the conflict between life & art (Pushkin Press, 2014)
Peter Hart - Gallipoli (Profile Books, 2013)
Leonard James - Myths and mysteries of the The First World War (Bretwalda Books, 2014)
Paul O'Brien - A question of duty: the Curragh Incident 1914 (New Island Books, 2014)
E.E. O'Donnell - Father Browne's First World War (Messenger Publications, 2014)
David Olusoga - The world's war (Head of Zeus, 2014)
William Philpott - Attrition: fighting the First World War (Little Brown, 2014)
To end all wars: the graphic anthology of the First World War (Soaring Penguin Press, 2014)

Rory Gallagher Music Library - Sound recordings relating to World War I - new titles

Centenary: Words and music of the Great War - music and poetry readings
Forever: the official album of the World War I commemorations 
The Great War: a portrait in music, voices and sound
Heroes and sweethearts: popular songs from the First World War
Seventy-five songs of World War I
Songs of the Great War: Keep the home fires burning
Songs of World War I: 1914-1918
We will remember: words and music for remembrance

New titles - October 2014

Neil Astley (ed.) - The hundred years' war: modern war poems (Bloodaxe Books, 2014)
Gavin Fuller (ed.) - The Telegraph book of readers' letters from the Great War (Aurum Press, 2014)
Herbert Hart - The devil's own war: the diary of Herbert Hart: Gallipoli, the Somme and Passchendaele as they happened (Exisle, 2009)
Keith Jeffery - Ireland and the Great War: 1914-1918 (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
Ken Kinsella - Out of the dark: 1914-1918 (Merrion, 2014)
Eugene Ryan (ed.) - Haig's medical officer: the papers of Col. Eugene 'Micky' Ryan (Pen & Sword, 2013)
Irish Life and Lore - The Irish country house and the Great War ( a series of recordings by the descendants and close relatives of veterans of the Great War

New titles - November/December 2014

Kathryn J. Atwood - Women heroes of World War I (Chicago Review Press, 2014)
Tom Burnell - Irishmen in the Great War: reports from the front, 1914 (Pen & Sword, 2014)
Jon Stallworthy (ed.) - The new Oxford book of war poetry (O.U.P., 2014 (orig. 1984)
Alexander Watson - Ring of steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary at war, 1914-1918 (Allen Lane, 2014)
Bela Zombory-Moldovan - The burning of the world: a memoir of 1914 (New York Review Books, 2014)
A. W. Zurbrugg (ed.) - Not our war: writings against the First World War (Merlin Press, 2014)
Military History DVD series - Battle of Verdun; Battle of the Somme; Tunnel raiders; Clash of warriors; Haig vs Ludendorff; Masters of the skies; Disaster in the Drdanelles

New titles - January/February 2015

Max Arthur - The faces of World War I (Cassell, 2014)
Joanna Bourke - Wounding the world (Virago, 2014)
Turtle Bunbury - Glorious madness: tales of the Irish and the Great War (Gill & Macmillan, 2014)
R.F. Foster - Vivid faces: the revolutionary generation in Ireland, 1890-1923 (Allen Lane, 2014)
Sinead McCoole - Easter widows: 7 Irish women who lived in the shadow of the 1916 Rising (Doubleday, 2014)
Kevin Myers - Ireland's Great War (Lilliput, 2014)
Stephen Sandford - Neither Unionist nor Nationalist: the 10th (Irish) Division in the Great War (Irish Academic Press, 2015)
David Welch - Germany and propaganda in World War I (I.B. Tauris, 2014)

New titles - March/April 2015

A.J. Doran & Andrew McCarthy - The Huns have got my gramophone: advertisements from the Great War (Bodleian Library, 2014)
Nina Edwards - Dressed for war: uniform, civilian clothing and trappings, 1914-1918 (I.B. Tauris, 2015)
Brendan Kelly - 'He lost himself completely': shell shock and its treatment at Dublin's Richmond War Hospital, 1916-1919 (Liffey Press, 2015)
Helen McPhail - The long silence: the tragedy of occupied France in World War I (I.B. Tauris, 2014)
Alfred Rieber - The struggle for the Eurasian borderlands: from the rise of early modern empires to the end of the First World War (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
Eugene Rogan - The fall of the Ottomans: the Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1920 (Allen Lane, 2015)
Tolga Omek (dir.) - Gallipoli: the frontline experience (DVD)

From our shelves - March/April 2015

Paul Fussell - The Great War and modern memory (Oxford University Press, 1975)
David Olusoga and C.W. Erichsen - The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's forgotten genocide and the roots of Nazism (Faber, 2010)
John Protasio - The day the world was shocked: the Lusitania disaster and its influence on the course of World War I (Casemate, 2011)
Roger McDonald - 1915: a novel (Faber, 1982 ;orig. 1979)
Patrick MacGill - The great push (Birlinn, 2000 ; orig. 1916)
Liam O'Flaherty - Return of the brute (Wolfhound Press, 1988 ; orig. 1929)
Jules Romains - Verdun: Prelude to battle (Alfred Knopf, 1939)
Arnold Zweig - Outside Verdun: a novel from the First World War (Freight Books, 2014 ; orig. 1935)

New titles - May/June 2015

Damien Burke (ed.) - Irish Jesuit chaplains in the First World War (Messenger Publications, 2014)
P.J. Casey et al - Irish doctors in the First World War (Merrion Press, 2015)
Peter Fitzsimons - Gallipoli (Bantam Press, 2014)
Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela (eds.) - Empires at war, 1911-1923 (Oxford University Press, 2014)
George Kalandia (compiler) - Georgians in World War I (Georgian State Museum, 2014)
Joshua A. Sandborn - Imperial apocalypse: the Great War and the destruction of the Russian Empire (Oxford University Press, 2014)
Chris Walsh - Cowardice: a brief history (Princeton University Press, 2014)

Gallipoli reading list

Heber Maitland Alexander - On two fronts: being the adventures of an Indian Mule Corps in France and Gallipoli (1917)
C.E.W. Bean – Gallipoli correspondent: the frontline diary of C.E.W. Bean. (1983)
Kenneth Best - War diaries: a chaplain at Gallipoli: the Great War diaries of Kenneth Best (2011)
Harvey Broadbent – Gallipoli: the fatal shore (2005)
Les Carlyon - Gallipoli (2002)
David Campbell (capt.) - Forward the rifles: war diaries of an Irish soldier (2009)
Stephen Chambers - Gully Ravine (2003)
Bryan Cooper - The tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli (1918)
Kevin Fewster - Gallipoli: the Turkish story (2003)
Peter Fitzsimons - Gallipoli (2015)
Henry Hanna – The pals of Suvla Bay: being the record of “D” Company of the 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers (facsimile ed. of 1917 publ.)
Peter Hart - Gallipoli (2013)
Trumbull Higgins - Winston Churchill and the Dardanelles (1963)
Oliver Hogue - Love letters of an Anzac (1916).
Robert Rhodes James - Gallipoli (1965)
Hans Kannengiesser Pasha – The campaign in Gallipoli (facsimile ed. of  1927 publ.)
Roger Keyes – The fight for Gallipoli: from the naval memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet : Sir Roger Keyes (1941)
Jonathan King - Gallipoli : our last man standing: the extraordinary life of Alec Campbell (2003)
Roy Kyle & Bryce Courtenay - An Anzac’s story (2003)
Sydney Loch - To hell and back: the banned account of Gallipoli (2008)

New Titles July/August 2015 

Richard Bessell - Violence: a modern obsession (Simon & Schuster, 2015)
Ernst Friedrich - War against war. (Spokesman,2014 ; originally published in Germany, 1928)
Hans Kannengiesser - The campaign in Gallipoli. (Naval & Military Press, 2011) [orig. 1928]
Shane Kenna - Conspirators: a photographic history of Ireland’s revolutionary Underground. (Mercier Press, 2015)
Erik Larson - Dead wake: the last crossing of the Lusitania. (Doubleday, 2015)
Maurice Walsh - Bitter freedom : Ireland in a revolutionary world 1918-1923. (Faber & Faber, 2015)
Jean Moorcroft Wilson - Edward Thomas: from Adlestrop to Arras. (Bloomsbury, 2015)


New Titles September 2015

Bruce Bradley (ed.) - The pity of war 1914-1918 (Studies vol. 106, no. 414,summer 2015)
Thomas De Waal - Great catastrophe: Armenians and Turks in the shadow of genocide. Oxford University Press, 2015
Mairead Ashe Fitzgerald (comp) - a terrible beauty: poetry of 1916. O’Brien Press, 2015
James Hamilton-Paterson - Marked for death : the first war in the air. Head of Zeus, 2015
Jenny Macleod - Gallipoli (Great Battles) Oxford University Press, 2015
Wolfgang Natter - Literature at war 1914-1940 [representing the “Time of Greatness” in Germany]. Yale University Press, 1999
Diana Preston - A higher form of killing : six weeks in WW1 that changed the nature of warfare. Bloomsbury, 2015


New Titles October 2015

Michael Barry - The green divide: illustrated history of the Irish Civil War. Andalus Press, 2014
Robert Lynch - Revolutionary Ireland 1912-25. Bloomsbury, 2015
Niall MacMonagle (ed.) - Windharp: poems of Ireland since 1916. Penguin, 2015
Ní Ghairbhí, Róisín - Willie Pearse [16 Lives] O’Brien Press, 2015
Mitch Peeke et al. - The Lusitania story : the atrocity that shocked the world. Pen & Sword, 2002, 2015
Robyn Rowland - This intimate war : Gallipoli/Canakkale 19155 Islands Press, 2015
John Sifton - Violence all around. Harvard Univ. Press, 2015
Stephen Walker - Ireland’s call : Irish sporting heroes who fell in the Great War. Merrion Press, 2015



New Titles November/December 2015

Terry Charman - The First World War on the home front. Andre Deutsch, 2014 Ashley Ekins (ed.) - Gallipoli: a ridge too far. Exisle, 2015
Peter Hart - Voices from the Front : an oral history of the Great War. Profile books, 2015
Ian Kershaw - To hell and back: Europe 1914-1949. Allen Lane, 2015
Declan Kiberd & P. J. Matthews(ed.) - Handbook of the Irish Revival: an anthology of Irish cultural and political writings 1891-1922. Abbey Theatre Press, 2015
Sean McMeekin - The Ottoman endgame : war, revolution and the making of the modern Middle East 1908-1923. Allen Lane, 2015
Andrew Roberts - Elegy: the first day of the Somme. Head of Zeus 2015

Edmund Blunden—Undertones of war

              Penguin, 1982, (orig. 1928)

Séan Boyne—Emmet Dalton—Somme soldier, Irish general, film pioneer.                           

              Merrion Press, 2015

Christopher Duffy—Through German eyes: the British and the Somme 1916.

Phoenix, 2006

Geoff Dyer—The missing of the Somme.

H. Hamilton, 1994

Robert Graves—Goodbye to all that.

J. Cape, 1929

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John Masefield—The old front line.

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Viking, 1991

Philip Orr—The road to the Somme: men of the Ulster Division tell their story.

Blackstaff Press, 1987