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At Cork City Libraries we aim to support early reading experiences as exposure to books, stories and rhymes from as young an age as possible lays an important foundation for literacy development and the creation of lifelong readers. With this in mind we have no minimum joining age and encourage parents of new babies to start reading to their children from the earliest stages. This will not only give your child a great start on the road to becoming a reader in his own right, it will also give parent and child a special experience where you can share quality time together.

Sharing stories and rhymes with infants and young children can help them develop verbal skills and use of their imagination, and prepares them for when they begin more formally to learn to read in school.

Young children love repition and if they have a favourite story they will enjoy having it read many times. This process allows them to remember the words until they get to a point where they feel they are reading the story themselves. Don't underestimate the value of this in giving your young child the confidence, and an understanding of books, that will see them succeed when they begin to learn to read more formally.

There are a wide range of books for babies and toddlers. Here are some suggestions to get you started

It's a Book by Lane Smith                                 It's a book