Cork City

Services and Programmes

5-12 years old

We work closely with local schools to facilitate as many class visits as possible so that primary school children in Cork City can avail of our services. We offer support for children learning to read through a wide range of books and activities. Once your child is reading independently their local library can become a treasure chest of choice with fiction and non-fiction to suit every interest.

Encouraging your child to read for pleasure, outside the school environment, is an important factor in fostering a life-time love of reading.

Coming to the library does not need to cost anything and families can spend time browsing, reading, meeting friends etc. We would encourage you to make this part of your family routine.

Learning to read

Reading schemes are available to support children building reading confidence. Once your child starts Primary School they will begin to read in a formal setting. It is important to keep reading as a fun activity at home- it should not be seen by the child as hard work.

You can help by borrowing books from the library that match your child’s reading level. In the learning to read stage these books tend to be very short, with just a few words on each page. Make time every night to help your child practice his newly developing reading skills. At this age even ten minutes every night can really help your child to develop strong reading skills.

Independent reader

Once your child can read for himself we have a wide range of fiction and non-fiction to suit all interests. At this point if you feel your child is not interested in reading bring him to the library and get him to look at books around his hobbies and interests.

Every summer we run a Summer Reading Challenge to encourage children to keep reading during their school holidays. Children get special booklets to keep track of what they are reading and medals are awarded to anyone who finishes the challenge.