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Moriarty’s second professional ballet company (1973-1989):

 Irish Ballet Company, in 1983 renamed Irish National Ballet

After the end of the first Irish professional ballet company in 1964, Moriarty carried on her work with the Cork Ballet Company, and from 1970-1973 brought it to Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre for a week with the Cork Symphony Orchestra. They performed so impressively to such large and enthusiastic audiences that in 1973 the government decided to establish a second professional ballet company, to be funded by the Arts Council, located in Cork, directed by Moriarty. Six of the fourteen dancers were Irish. Dame Ninette de Valois came to the inaugural performance, after which she donated half her Erasmus Prize money to the company. Like Moriarty’s first professional company, it toured the country regularly, bringing classical, modern and Irish ballets to the four provinces of Ireland. It brought Moriarty’s Playboy of the Western World to Northern Ireland, to Sadler’s Wells in London, to New York, to Rennes. This success led in 1983 to its being re-named Irish National Ballet. During the severe economic crisis of the 1980s, the Arts Council had to reduce its funding to all groups. Having commissioned a report on dance in Ireland, it altered its dance policy, increasing support for contemporary and community dance. Moriarty resigned in 1985. In 1988 the Arts Council stopped funding Irish National Ballet; a year later the company was disbanded. Moriarty had kept a professional ballet company touring Ireland for in all 21 years – a unique achievement in the history of Irish ballet.

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      Lugh of the Golden Arm
     The Playboy of the Western World
The Tain

Accounts by choreographers, guest artists, dancers
from the 1998 Moriarty Book

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