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The Cork Ballet Company Folk Dance Group (1957-1978)

The Folk Dance Group was set up in 1957 with 12 dancers from the Cork Ballet Company and a small group of musicians to perform at the Cork International Choral and Folk Dance Festival at which it participated annually for 22 years. The group was trained by Joan Denise Moriarty, a highly qualified traditional Irish dancer and musician. In 1958 the group travelled to an international festival in Wewelsburg in Germany; in 1961 and 1965 to festivals in Dijon in France, and in 1966 to Deidesheim, Dillenburg and Berlin. Moriarty led the dancers and played the war pipes on these occasions. It was the performers’ first experience of the European continent. In 1966-1967 they gave 13 television programmes of Irish dance on RTÉ: An Damhsa [The Dance], with choreography by Moriarty.

Folk Dance Group Dijon 1961

Material on selected items:

An Damhsa [The Dance]
The Wewelsburg Festival
Bata na bPlanndála [The Planting Stick]

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