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aloysdresssuit • Aloys Fleischmann (1910-1992) was an Irish composer, university teacher, musicologist, conductor and an organiser and  advocate of the arts of national and international standing. He created an infrastructure for music in Cork which has had a lasting impact. For six decades he worked to establish access to the arts as a right for all, campaigning to have music taught in schools by competent teachers.

• He grew up in two cultures: that of his German musician parents and that of the new Ireland, the Ireland of the founders of the Cork Gaelic League and Dramatic Society, Daniel Corkery and Terence MacSwiney, of the musicians Carl Hardebeck andArnold Bax, who were family friends. He stands in the tradition of the Irish Revival, applying its principles and policies to the field of music; he was a fluent speaker of Irish; he worked all his life to record the folk music heritage and found in it a source of inspiration for his own compositions.

• He understood his work in the Music Department of University College Cork to include a service to the city and schools of the province. Composers and performers of note among his former students include Séamas de Barra, Matt Cranitch, Bernard Geary, Adrian Gebruers, Nóirín Ní Ríain, Tomás Ó Canainn, Pilib Ó Laoghaire, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, Seán Ó Riada, Declan Townsend, Patrick Zuk.

• In 1934 he founded the Cork Symphony Orchestra which gave local musicians an opportunity for active classical music-making  and Irish composers a chance to hear their works performed. In 2008 it performed outside Ireland for the first time - in Liverpool.

• The Cork Orchestral Society which he founded in 1938 has since developed to be the premier promoter of music performances in Cork. Over the past seventy years the society has organised concerts by professional musicians, giving citizens the opportunity to hear some of the world's best orchestras and soloists.
• For 45 years he cooperated with Joan Denise Moriarty to foster ballet in Ireland.

• He was a founding member of the Cork Sculpture Park, established to promote Irish artists, and its chairman for 25 years.

• Since 1954 the Cork International Choral Festival which he founded has given local and national choirs a forum to compete against the best in the world. The Festival Seminar on Contemporary Music commissioned new choral works from Irish and foreign composers. The Choral Festival created links with Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe in the days of green and iron curtains; it anticipated the opening up to continental Europe.

AFleischmann with Radio Eireann Concert Orchestra 1953• He was a member the Royal Irish Academy.

• He was a founding member of Aosdána, the affiliation of creative artists in Ireland.

• He produced 55 works, which have been performed and broadcast in Ireland, Britain, Germany, France and the USA.

• He was the author of Music in Ireland, an analysis of the condition of music in Ireland up to 1950 which served as  the basis for his campaigns thereafter, and the monumental Sources of Irish Traditional Music, published in New  York and launched by the President of Ireland in UCC after his death. He also published 75 articles on different  aspects of music.

• He was honoured by his city, by Taoiseach Jack Lynch, by three Irish presidents who came to Cork to pay tribute  to his work, by Trinity College Dublin, by the Royal Irish Academy of Music, by the Royal Dublin Society, by the German government and by the Irish-American Cultural Institute.

• His family were successfully integrated immigrants who were nurtured and respected by their adopted community,  which they served and enriched.