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Fleischmann scores on the internet

During the Fleischmann centenary year of 2010, many of the composer’s works were made available on this website.
Cork City Music Library organised the scanning of all the Fleischmann manuscript scores –scores in his own hand or transcribed by his copyists – to be placed on the Fleischmann website in pdf format.

New digital editions of Fleischmann’s works are being created. Cork City Council funded the digital typesetting of five Fleischmann compositions due for performance, as the old handwritten scores or orchestral parts were in too poor a condition to be used. Digital files of scores are essential for performances, being much easier to read than the handwritten ones. Expertise in music and in typesetting is required for the creation of these files; the process requires much time, skill and care; commissioning such work is therefore expensive.

25 musicians have responded to the family’s appeal for help and most generously volunteered their skills. To date 43 of Fleischmann’s works either have been or are being digitally typeset. 12 compositions remain to be done. This is probably one of the most significant results of the centenary celebrations. The family and the Library are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to this process, which we hope will continue.

Project co-ordinator: Ruth Fleischmann
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