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Aloys Fleischmann (1910-1992): A Life for Music in Ireland Remembered by Contemporaries, Cork, 2000, ed. Ruth Fleischmann


aloysdresssuitAloys Fleischmann was a musician of German ancestry whose people immigrated to Cork in the 1870s, and whose life was dedicated to establishing a culture of music in Ireland. Though without `a drop of Irish blood in his veins', Aloys Fleischmann became more Irish than many Irish people were, being a fluent Irish speaker, spending decades studying Irish folk music, and a lifetime seeking to improve the cultural quality of life in the provinces.

During his 46 years as professor of music at University College Cork he tried to build the foundations and create the institutions necessary to develop music nationwide,
from primary to third level education.
Many of his compositions reflect his concern for creating a specifically Irish form of modern music. He worked up to his death at 82, completing a major research project on traditional Irish music. He undertook work on Ireland's unique musical heritage which scholars had done for the country's language and literature at the beginning of the 20th century.

Many of the scholars and artists who at that time had helped to preserve the nation's heritage and to create a sense of Irishness regarding language, literature and history were also, to some extent outsiders, people like Douglas Hyde, W. B. Yeats, Synge, Lady Gregory and George Russell being of Anglo-Irish settler origins.