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1936: Invitation to AF to conduct(886KB)

1937:Tilly Fleischmann Liszt Recital(875KB)

1949: First professional orchestra in Cork(636KB)

1955a: On the newly founded Cork International Choral Festival (1,004KB)

1955b: On the newly founded Cork International Choral Festival (949KB)

1957: A concert essay winner(830KB)

1957B: Concert essay winner part 2(746KB)

1958: Appreciation to AF for British Youth Orchestra(1,319KB)

1958: Politics of Anthems(1,281KB)

1958a: COS '58(661KB)

1958b: COS '58 Part 2(1,274KB)

1960a: re Hamilton Harty(584KB)

1960b: Hamilton Harty part 2(587KB)

1961: Hague Philharmonic(858KB)

1963: COS '63(1,170KB)

1963: COS63 Part 2(667KB)

1973a: Music Lover's Diary Part 1(1,060KB)

1973b: Music Lover's Diary Part 2(1,127KB)

1979: COS C Lynch(1,044KB)

1980a: Choral Festival cover(551KB)

1980b: Kilkenny and AFJ's 70th(942KB)

1980: Choral festival opening(555KB)

1980: UCC in Kilkenny(785KB)

Re Policy of Irish Composer(674KB)