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1930: Bax to Tilly(814KB)

1949: AF to O'Faolain(890KB)

1952: MacLiammóir to AF(780KB)

1955: AF to Sir Adrian Boult(938KB)

1956: AF to parents(660KB)

1956: AF to parents part 2(602KB)

1960a: A O'Rahilly Part 1(1,044KB)

1960b: A O'Rahilly Part 2(929KB)

1961: Ó Riada to AF(948KB)

1963: Kodaly to AF(1,006KB)

1967: Liszt Society re Tilly(1,125KB)

1968a: Lady Mayer Part 1(1,954KB)

1968b: Lady Mayer Part 2(2,122KB)

1970: Suzuki & Ms Lane(926KB)

1973: Lady Mayer(1,699KB)

1975:Researching the history of Music in Education(938KB)

1978: Letter of congratulation from Dunlop(1,104KB)

1979: Foreman re Bax(1,095KB)

1979:Bax recital plans (1,010KB)

1980: AF to Foreman(1,015KB)

1982: AF thanks re USA tour(1,268KB)

Monk Gibbon(255KB)

PJ Murray to AF(1,147KB)