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1943: Support for local radio(1,361KB)

1955: Re Marxist music(2,341KB)

1975: Plea for salary cuts at the top (976KB)

1980: To trade unions re gap between rich and poor(2,890KB)

1980b: To trade unions part 2(2,379KB)

1980s_a: Job war(2,935KB)

1980s_b: Job war part 2(2,787KB)

1980s_c: Job war part 3(2,860KB)

1980s_d Job war part 4 (2,860KB)

1980s_d: State of Nation (2,072KB)

1980s_e: State of Nation (1,590KB)

1980s_f: State of the Nation (677KB)

1986: Re Strikes (760KB)

1990: Prof Lee's Ireland(709KB)

Broadcast Bill(2,463KB)