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Housebound Service

Books, audio books on CD and tape, videos & DVDs are delivered to those who, because of mobility problems or poor health, find it difficult to visit the library.  Visits are done on a regular basis by a member of staff.  There is no charge for this service.  If you wish to avail of this service, please contact 4924935.

Aids for the mobility impaired

If you have difficulty getting around the library, we invite you, with the aid of a companion, to use the transit wheelchair provided. In doing so the user is deemed responsible for its proper usage. Please contact a member of staff for access.

Technology Aids for visually impaired

Scanning to voice:  We provide ScannaR (scan-and-read) flatbed scanners for real-time scanning and reading in Mayfield Library, in Tory Top Library, and in the Central Library.  These scanners read aloud whatever text is scanned — from letters, brochures, newspapers, books, etc. 
Computer screen text to voice:  For people with visual impairment, we have a computers with JAWS software installed. This allows text from Internet, word processed documents, and other computer-screen images to be read via a voice synthesizer.

At present we have one of these computers in the Bishopstown and Central Libraries

This technology is also useful for people with learning difficulties.