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Highlights of the 2009-2010 One Book One Community project

lion cover
In 2009 we chose The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo.

The project was launched on 6th November 2009 at 11.00 a.m. in Terence MacSwiney Community College with special guest Seán Óg Ó hAilpín.We are delighted to announce that the project won first prize in its group in the AIB Better Ireland Awards, in April 2010, winning a prize of €5000.

Scroll down for a photo gallery of events to remind you of what went on during the year.

About The Book

The Butterfly Lion by Michael MorpurgoMichael runs away from school. An old lady gives him shelter from the rain and tells him a story: 'Bertie rescues an orphaned white lion cub from the African veld. They are inseparable until Bertie is sent to boarding school far away in England and the lion is sold to a circus. Bertie grows up and goes to war in France. One day he sees a familiar face on a circus poster.'

  • Michael, the runaway boy
  • Millie
  • Bertie
  • the white lion
  • Bertie's parents
  • Monsieur Merlot

Activities to download

Butterfly Lion Colouring Competition  Butterfly Lion colouring page (PDF file, 406 KB) 
Make a White Lion

Make a white lion from pipe cleaners and wool. Download instructions in PDF format!

lioncraft  Make A White Lion (PDF file, 527 KB) 

Events Photo gallery

Launch of One Book Community 6th November 2009, with children from local schools, parents and members of the community, featuring Seán Óg Ó hAilpín and Unity Drummers. Click on the thumbnails to see each photograph.

launch1thumb  launch2thumb  launch3thumb launch4thumb
 launch5thumb  launch6thumb  launch7thumb  launch8thumb
 launch9thumb  launch10thumb  launch11thumb  launch12thumb

Butterfly Lion Art Workshop in Hollyhill Library on Saturday, 5 December. Click on the thumbnails to see each photograph.

butterfly lion workshop1thumb  butterfly lion workshop2thumb  butterfly lion workshop3thumb  butterflylion workshop5thumb 

One Book One Community Colouring Competition. Congratulations to winners Rebekah, Nikita and Caroline. Winners pictured below. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

colouringwinner1thumb  colouringwinner2thumb   carolinecolouringthumb

Make a White Lion craft workshop, Hollyhill Library, 30 January 2010.

workshop1thumb  workshop3thumb  workshop4thumb 
workshop2thumb  workshop5thumb  workshop6thumb 

Winners of the One Book One Community art competition, with City Librarian, Liam Ronayne, and Hollyhill Librarian, Ann Riordan. 2 February 2010.

groupwinnersthumb  oboc53thumb  oboc62thumb  oboc7thumb 

Butterfly Lion murals by pupils of St Mary's On The Hill National School, facilitated by Oceans of Notions.

oon4thumb  oon1thumb  oon2thumb  oon3thumb 

Face Painting and Story Sacks at the Family Centre

Family centre lion workshop1thumb  Family centre lion workshop2thumb  Family centre lion workshop3thumb 
family centre lion workshop4thumb  family centre lion workshop5thumb  family centre lion workshop6thumb 

Flying kites for the Lifelong Learning Festival (photos and article courtesy of the Evening Echo).

eecho1  eecho2  eecho3 

Art Exhibition

As part of the One Book One Community project, Hollyhill Library held an art competition for children. Children were invited to read an extract from The Butterfly Lion, and to draw what they read. 73 entries were received, and Hollyhill Library is proud to display these entries in an online exhibition.

Three winners and three runners-up were chosen:

Eugene O’Brien, St Mary’s on the Hill National School
Amy O’Regan, St Mary’s on the Hill National School
Kyle O’Keeffe, Scoil Padre Pio

Runners Up:
Saoirse Peyton, Sunday’s Well Girls National School
Katie Morey, St Mary’s on the Hill National School
Shane Cronin, St Mary’s on the Hill National School

Well done all! 

Click on the thumbnails to see each entry up close.

oboc1thumb  oboc2thumb  oboc3thumb  oboc4thumb 
Patrick Connors Jonathon Doherty Kathleen Kiely Megan O'Callaghan
oboc5thumb  oboc6thumb  oboc7thumb  oboc8thumb 
Jessica Downey Nicole Walsh Kyle O'Keeffe Stephen Dempsey
oboc9thumb  oboc10thumb  oboc11thumb  oboc12thumb 
Stephen Dempsey Emma O'Leary Taylor Ann Roche Name not given
oboc13thumb  oboc14thumb  oboc15thumb  oboc16thumb 
Petr Craig McCarthy Jodie Niamh Logan
oboc17thumb  oboc18thumb  oboc19thumb  oboc20thumb 
Chloe Murphy  Danielle Duggan  Megan Foley  Stephanie Kenny 
oboc21thumb  oboc22thumb  oboc23thumb  oboc24thumb 
Leah Hurley  Megan Murphy  Pádraig Murphy  Shannon Murphy 
 oboc25thumb  oboc26thumb  oboc27thumb  oboc28thumb
Craig Conroy Rebecca Kenny Cian Russell Kayleigh Good
 oboc29thumb  oboc30thumb  oboc31thumb  oboc32thumb
Aoife Victoria Murray Nathan O'Connell Chelsea Murphy
 oboc33thumb  oboc34thumb  oboc35thumb  oboc36thumb
Ryan Harrington Jonathan Sweeney Calvin Twohig Craig Corriea
 oboc37thumb  oboc38thumb  oboc39thumb  oboc40thumb
Shane Hendrik Eugene Carroll Paddy O'Driscoll Chloe Healy
oboc41thumb oboc42thumb oboc43thumb oboc44thumb
Kyle Crinnion Chloe O'Driscoll Kieran McCabe Kian Fitzgerald
 oboc45thumb  oboc46thumb  oboc47thumb  oboc48thumb
Wayne Connolly Taylor Duggan Kelvin O'Driscoll Katie Morey
 oboc49thumb  oboc50thumb  oboc51thumb  oboc52thumb
Shane Purcell Gavin McSweeney Jordan Twomey Niamh O'Sullivan
 oboc53thumb  oboc54thumb  oboc55thumb  oboc56thumb
Amy O'Regan Blake Cashman Niamh Cotter Dean Murphy
 oboc57thumb  oboc58thumb  oboc59thumb  oboc60thumb
Kayleigh O'Driscoll Meagan Dwyer Dylan Shane Cronin
 oboc61thumb  oboc62thumb  oboc63thumb  oboc64thumb
Sylvia Dolan Eugene O'Brien Shauna-Leigh
Kevin Buckley
 oboc65thumb  oboc66thumb  oboc67thumb  oboc68thumb
Saoirse Peyton Stephen Barrett Ciarán Dennehy Darren White
 oboc69thumb  oboc70thumb  oboc71thumb  oboc72thumb
David Wayne Collins Alan Raggett Novajoy Imbarlin
Garreth Collins