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Regulations for Use of Library Internet Computers

Cork City Library endeavours to enrich the lives of individuals and to empower citizens, through supporting lifelong learning, by providing ready access to local, national and international information sources. The resources of the Library are freely available to all sectors of society. Cork City Library supports government initiatives to develop the Information Society, to promote equality of access and The following conditions apply to usage of the Library’s public Internet facilities:

  1. Users must be aware that the World Wide Web is an unregulated information network, enabling access to ideas, information and images.
  2. All users are required to comply with the Library’s Internet usage and booking regulations. Users are required to be responsible in their use of the World Wide Web.
  3. The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.
  4. Cork City Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of information on the World Wide Web, nor can it supervise or accept responsibility for content accessed by a user. The Library accepts no responsibility for damage, loss, costs or expenses arising either directly or indirectly from use of the Library's Internet-based computer services.
  5. Users may register with any free Web-based e-mail address services. Users must, however, neither send nor receive inappropriate mail. Cork City Library cannot accept responsibility for any communication received or sent by personal e-mail account holders.
  6. Parents/guardians are obliged to take responsibility for their children's use of the Web. Children under 16 years of age must have a consent form signed by a parent/guardian.
  7. The use of chat room facilities is not permitted.
  8. Cork City Council will scan all public terminals, at intervals, for inappropriate images, e.g., pornography. Special software on all public workstations in the Library will monitor any viewing or downloading of inappropriate images or sites. Cork City Library will report the viewing of any illegal images on Library Internet facilities to the Gardaí. Extra restrictions govern children’s Internet facilities in the Library.
  9. Users may not create, access, copy, store, transmit, download or publish any material which
    • is obscene, racist, defamatory or illegal
    • causes harassment or gross offence to others
    • constitutes a breach of copyright laws or licensing agreements.
  10. Users may not:
    • Use the Library's workstations to gain unauthorised access to the Library's networks or computer systems or to any other network or computer system
    • Obstruct the work of others by consuming large amounts of system resources or by deliberately crashing any library computer system
    • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software
    • Make any attempt to alter software configurations in a malicious manner
    • Make any attempt to cause degradation of system performance
    • Use any library workstation for illegal or criminal purpose.
  11. In the interest of equality and fairness and in order to ensure the effective use of library resources, users must abide by booking procedures and operational arrangements in force in Library
  12. Users who wish to appeal decisions relating to the above policy and procedures should do so in writing to the City Librarian.

Contact your local branch library for information on times of availability.