Cork City

About Us


Cork City Council provides a library and information service to support learning and the independent quest for knowledge, and to meet the public's interest in books, reading, and the arts. The Council will ensure that each Library will be a:

 Cork City Council will endeavour to provide a constantly improving library service, and will aim to achieve and demonstrate value for money, high standards of service, efficiency, courtesy and accountability.

Cork City Council will, through its library service, seek to make Cork a more inclusive society with increasing social cohesion and solidarity, and with cultural and informational programmes open to everyone.

Core Objectives

The Council will ensure that each Library will be a:

  • Resource for Children and Young People: the library will be a gateway to the world of knowledge for children; it will actively help children to develop their literacy and information skills, and will act as a centre for culture for children and young people.
  • Resource for Information and Learning: the library will be a key focus of a true ‘learning city’, supporting adult learners and education generally; it will bridge information gaps and meet the citizen’s right to know by providing accurate and up-to-date information, including information for business, economic and community development, and citizen action; the library will act as the collective memory of Cork by comprehensively collecting, making available, and promoting a wide selection of local studies material.
  • Resource for Culture and the Imagination: the library will promote interest in literature, books and reading; it will meet the public’s need for recorded & printed music materials and a range of other media; the library will support literature in Irish, and Gaelic culture generally; and will act as a focal point and welcoming space for reading and social & cultural activities.